Consumer Product Liability Defense And Risk Management

Our consumer product practice involves two primary areas. First, we defend against liability claims involving consumer products. Our lawyers have defended claims involving everything from automobiles and swimming pools to medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Our Defense Practice

Members of our firm have taken on key leadership roles in the defense of product liability claims, including national coordinating counsel. In addition, attorneys at our firm have served as both in-house and outside counsel to large corporations. Our experience and industry-specific knowledge are key to developing creative, effective defense strategies that fully take our clients’ legal and business considerations into account.

Our lawyers have extensive trial experience and will present a compelling claim before a judge and jury when necessary. We also recognize that trial can be expensive and uncertain. Therefore, we will explore alternative dispute resolution paths such as arbitration and mediation if practicable.

Mitigating Risk Through Proactive Evaluation

In addition to consumer product liability defense, our attorneys provide risk assessment and litigation management services. We conduct risk management analysis and advise clients on the most effective ways to reduce safety risks. Our lawyers have also counseled clients on quality control and quality assurance regulations. Our focus in this area of practice is to help our clients avoid potential liability while complying with all applicable regulations.

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